Detailed race report by 2016 finisher Thomas Watson. (English)

Detailed race report by 2016 finisher Joe Kelbel. (German)

Detailed race report by 2016 participant Hansjuerg Moser. (German)

Short note written by 2016  2nd place finisher Jo Petersen:-   ” After spending a few days in Burgos after the event, Ann and I caught the train (great trip) to that fabulous city Barcelona. Four days there exploring the city and then the long trip back to New Zealand (some 26 hours of flying!).
I have been back at work for a week now and have had some time to reflect on the Way of the Legends experience.
I can honestly say that this was possibly the most enjoyable ten or so days of my running career.
Manu has created an unbelievably wonderful event. The location, the organisers/crew, the food and accommodation, the course–absolutely the best.
From that incredible start on top of the mountain fortress to the final jog along the river into Burgos–just sheer magic!
During the entire race I felt an overwhelming sensation of being extraordinarily blessed. To be surrounded by so many wonderful fellow athletes, to be jogging through stunning scenery and quaint ancient villages, to be fed the freshest of food and to sleep in superb accommodation … pure bliss.
How lucky can one be to experience all of this, and more, in the space of one week?
To Manu, his crew, the volunteers and to my fellow competitors – thank you so much for creating an experience that was, and is, truly unforgettable.”