Equipamiento Obligatorio


La Organización ha reducido el material obligatorio a lo mas elemental. La lista  de material obligatorio sera controlada rigurosamente antes del comienzo de la prueba y ademas regularmente durante la carrera. No llevar algún articulo de la lista cuando se lo requiera la organización resultara de una penalización de tiempo o la expulsión de la carrera si así lo decida la dirección del Evento. Todo el material obligatorio se debe llevar encima durante todas las etapas independientemente del tiempo que haga. Estas medidas se toman unícamente por la seguridad de los participantes.

Lista de Material obligatorio. Cada corredor debe llevarlo encima durante todas las etapas.

Mandatory Equipment List to be carried at all times during the stages.

Item Comment Item Comment
Small light backpack or hydration belt. To carry mandatory racing equipment and hydration system. Whistle. For use in emergency situations.
Waterproof and windproof jacket with hood. To be carried at all times during the race. Full size Survival Blanket. Maintains body heat in emergency situations.
Extra warm layer, long pants or tights, hat and gloves. To be carried at all times during the race. Flashing red light. For use at night during stages, worn on the back of the runner.
Headlamp & spare batteries. For use in the night during stages and in the camps. Hidrataron System. Mínimum 1.5 litre capacity.
Safety Pins. For fixing the bibs. Energy bars / gels / snacks / Electrolites / salt tablets Enough for each stage.

Suggested Equipment list for the overnight camps.

Item Comment Item Comment
Backpack/bag To transport equipment from camp to camp Warm clothes. Long trousers, jumper, fleece jacket, thick socks, gloves and hat. To wear in the camps in order to keep warm.
Sleeping Bag A warm one is necesary as the night time temperature drops significantly. Blister Kit plaster, tape, second skin etc.,sterilised needle, pad, alcohol wipes
Will Power To help you make it to the finish. Toileteries, tissues,wet wipes Personal Hygiene
Towel There will be hot showers at every camp. Money in Euros € For spending on extras at the local villages and overnight locations.



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