The Camps

The Race HQ is situated in the remote village of Trashaedo del Tozo just 15 minutes drive from the start line of The Way of Legends. Here the participants will spend the first two nights (20th and 21st of September 2019), they will attend the welcome Lunch on the Saturday the 21st of September 2019, enjoy the Events hospitality and carry out all the preliminary and mandatory checks, as well as attending the initial race briefings before departing for the Start line of the Race on the morning of the 22nd of September 2019. From stage to stage the runners, organizer, doctors, volunteers and local staff will all stay at the same camps situated at the finish line of each stage and which will also be the start line of the next stage. All the camps are situated in guest houses, Inns or mountain lodges with beds and hot showers for everyone. All meals and drinks will be provided throughout the duration of the event. The meals will all be freshly cooked by our team of professional chefs. The main dishes will all be freshly made modern Vegan recipes especially nutritious and designed for optimal recovery from extreme endurance efforts, there will also be a whole range of meat, fish, egg and dairy based local specialities as side dishes to suit all tastes. The final night will be spent in a fabulous four star hotel 5 minutes walk from the spectacular Finish of the Race at the Cathedral of Burgos. The participants will have  plenty of time before the award ceremony to enjoy the local gastronomy and  historic sites around the beautitful medieval centre of Burgos. The final prize giving ceremony, dinner and party will be held at this hotel as well.

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Race HQ


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