The Event Concept


The Way of Legends is a fully catered point to point Trail Running Ultra Stage Challenge.

This means that throughout the duration of the event, from Lunch time on Tuesday the 14th of May 2024 until the morning of  Wednesday the 22nd of May 2024, all meals  and accommodation  will be provided by the organization. There will be only two bus transfers, one from Burgos to the Race HQ (25mins)  on the 14th  or 15th of May 2024, and one from the event HQ to the start of stage two ( 30mins) on the friday the 17th of may 2024.

The Challenge basically consist of 5 stages approximately the length of a marathon and a final shorter 13km stage along the “Camino de Santiago” to the finish line at the World Heritage Site of Burgos Cathedral. The Challenge will have a total length of approximately 197km (+6900m -7000m) of which less than 3% will be on asphalted roads. The Stages have a wide range of profiles and geographies , from a practically flat stage on a comfortable wide trail through a beautiful forest to some very tough mountain trail stages with over 2000 meters of altitude gain and passing over the highest peaks and ridges of the province over 2000m above sea-level.

For obvious safety reasons there will be a minimal mandatory equipment list to be carried at all times by the participants during the running of all the stages. This equipment will be checked on a daily basis and Failure to show all the items whenever asked will result in time penalties or the inability for the participant to continue in the race. All other personal overnight equipment will be carried from camp to camp by the organization with a maximum of one 12kg bag each. During the race all participants and organizing team will stay in the same camps where beds, showers and toilet facilities will be available but sleeping bags will not be provided. Personal belongings (one bag per person) that are not needed by participants during the race will be kept safe by the organization in Burgos until the end of the Event.

There will be Checkpoints every 8-16km where participants will be given only drinking water. Participants must be self-sufficient between checkpoints and must take into consideration that for the most part the Event they will be crossing very remote areas. There are a few road crossings at which the organization´s staff will be situated in order to help you cross safely. There are numerous village bars and restaurants along the way, usually coinciding with certain checkpoints where participants may have a drink and a snack of their own accord. Due to the logistics of the event there will be a maximum of 12 hours allocated to complete each stage. This means that participants will need to move at a reasonable pace and not stop for too long along the way in order to make it to the checkpoints and finish line before the cutoff times. Those participants who do not reach the last checkpoint of each stage in the alloted  cut-off time anounced by the Event director at the begining of each day will be transferred from the last Checkpoint to the end of the stage and will be allowed to start the next day´s stage but will no longer be  ranked in the clasification or receive the finishers medal.




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