Weather and Terrain


The Event will be held in the middle of Spring and thus the weather is unpredictable and although it could be nice and sunny on some days the participants must expect unstable weather with rain storms and strong winds  throughout the event.

Night time temperatures will almost certainly drop  below 10ºC and thick cold fog is common in the early hours of the morning. During the day the temperatures will be between 15ºC and  25ºC.

Certain parts of several of the stages especially the mountain stages are very exposed and if the weather is bad the wind and rain can create a significant risk of hypothermia specially incase of an emergency or injury . The mandatory equipment must be of good quality specially the waterproof and windproof Jacket which must have a hood and carried with you at all times during all of the six stages.




The course terrain alters dramatically from stage to stage. From a flat and wide track in a forest to an exposed rocky trail on top of 2000m+ mountain. There is a minimal amount of asphalted roads and the tracks and trails are all generally well maintained and there are no significant technical sections. The entire course is walkable or runable with no vertical climbing or even the need to use your hands.




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